5 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Weekend

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Weekend


If you’re anything like me, you’re really looking forward to this long weekend! A chance to relax, hang out outside, hit the beach or see some family and friends– whatever the plans, I know I’m excited.


Summer is one of my favorite seasons– for the warm weather and lake days AND for the cookouts and pool parties that come with’em! I love how some extra daylight and beautiful weather brings people together.


For many of us, the summer means long weekends and maybe a family vacation. And summer means bathing suit season and lots of occasions to eat with friends. So how do you enjoy the summer– the tank tops, swimsuits and shorts– and feel great while doing it?


Today, I’m sharing with you Five Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Weekend. These are some little things that can make a big impact!

  1. Most importantly, enjoy your time off and good company. Holidays are great! Time with friends and family doesn’t happen often. Don’t get (or try not to get) so caught up in appearances or what foods you’re eating that you miss out on the good times! (This is probably also one of the hardest things to do.)

  2. Know what kind of situation/environment you’ll be getting into, and be prepared. For example– cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs? Homemade icecream? Bring a hearty bean and grain salad to add to the buffet line; you’ll have at least one delicious, healthy option which is better than nothing! Day on the water where everyone’s packing lunch? Bring a veggie wrap, bean burrito, hummus and pita, etc.

  3. Always bring snacks. This applies to all circumstances in life, but especially here. You’ll never regret having a healthy snack or piece of fruit handy.

  4. Hydrate! Summer in South Carolina is HOT, always have water on hand. Oftentimes, our stomach mistakes thirst for hunger, so we end up eating a snack when what our body really needs is water. Another fun drink is fizzy water (like Le Croix) or iced tea with lemon– cool and refreshing, and no added sugar!

  5. “Grazing” is not your friend. Catching up with friends around the pretzel bowl? Mindlessly picking up a handful or four to munch on while talking? You’ll likely still eat just as much food at mealtime, and you’re probably not even hungry for these pretzels, but we eat them because they’re there. Move the party away from the snack table– to the porch, to the living room, outside, etc. Of course, if you’re hungry, eat, but don’t eat just because food is within arms reach.


I hope these tips help equip you to enjoy the coming holidays AND feel great inside and out while doing it!


Also, because I’ve been talkin’ cookouts, I wanted to share my favorite Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger recipe. Delicious every time!


Now, I’d love to hear YOUR tips to enjoy a healthy holiday weekend!

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