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Learn the Evidence

With so many fad diets and all the health information thrown at us these days, it’s hard to know what’s credible and what works and what doesn’t. Ever feel that way?

To help sort out the confusion, Columbia’s Cooking created a free 17 minute video, just for you, that describes the evidence behind optimal health (it’s easier to understand than you’d think).

Today’s video provides the scientific background behind Columbia’s Cooking’s nutrition guidelines and ‘myth busts’ a few nutrition topics including the long-term effects of high-protein diets and more.

Unfortunately, many mainstream “diets” aren’t heavily scientifically backed. Today’s video shares with you the work of our Scientific Advisers (and Culinary Adviser) so you can be comfortable knowing eating without portion control makes you feel good, and tastes good too.

Trisha makes understanding the evidence simple and fun (as always) so don’t be scared about all this “scientific literature” talk.  I promise, what she has to say is likely nothing you’ve ever heard before!


And if you haven’t met or seen Trisha yet (goofball behind-the-scenes shot above), Columbia’s Cooking new Director, this is your chance.

Once you’ve watched the video, answer the below Columbia’s Cooking question by entering your comment in the comments section below.

What’s the biggest health outcome you’re looking to achieve and why?

Answer by scrolling down and leaving your thoughts and any other insights you’d like to share.  We comment too 🙂

Enjoy the video, and be sure to check back Wednesday — more goodies comin’ your way!


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2 thoughts on “Learn the Evidence

  • Elaine Manning

    I’m confused. I cannot obviously travel to Columbia SC to attend your classes. So, what do you have for all of us out here that are interested in trying this healthy way of eating? I could find nothing on your website that lays it all out. Do you have a book that guides a person through discovery of your program?
    I was diagnosed 25 years ago with fibromyalgia. I take pain and sleep meds just to survive each day the best I can. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in addition to my fibro. My body was ravaged with a 70% compromised system of lyme. Now on the other side of that the lyme did damage to many different parts of my body, including brain cells. I now have to take alyzheimer med to function. My problems do not end there. What I am fighting and no one seems to know how to reverse is the whole body with inflamation that continues to cause medical problems. I now have IBS, IC and an ear that was biopsied with an inflamatory disease that has led to cutting out most of my outer ear with a huge reconstructive surgery by my plastic surgeon. Now after three years of having a very painful ear, my other ear is showing signs of going down the same path. All doctors say that my problems stem from body wide inflamation. No one seems to know how to help me rid myself of this disease. Diet has been discussed, but not anything that has been helpful. Sorry this is so long in reading. I felt like you needed to understand my background. Do you know where I can go from here?

    • Trisha Mandes

      Hi Elaine. Thank you for sharing your story.

      Unfortunately, as of now, we only offer in-person classes. We are planning on doing intensive 3-5 day retreats in the summer however. I suggest signing up for our email newsletter (free recipes when you do). That’s the best way to stay up-to-date with our programming. I’ll email you with other programs that are currently operating that may be of interest to you. Wishing you all the best. – Trisha