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Happy Halloween!

Halloween, more so than any other holiday it seems, is primarily associated with candy and sweet treats. No Halloween dinners or feasts typically happen here, so the biggest opportunity you have to share healthy alternatives to the sugar-loaded candy is right at your doorstep for trick-or-treaters. Of course, whether or not you have kiddos in costumes showing up on October 31st, you can always share these treats with coworkers, family and friends, too.


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Today, we have 12 Halloween treats you can feel good about serving and eating to avoid consuming 12 candy bars in one weekend. The truth is, everyone gets enough candy on Halloween, and NO ONE needs THAT much. Here are some healthy and fun alternatives to candy to help you celebrate Halloween:


12 Healthy Halloween Treats

  1. Cuties or clementines– draw spooky faces to make them look like jack-o-lanterns!
  2. Crackers and snack size peanut butter
  3. Pumpkin shaped pretzels
  4. Toys. Mini play-dough containers, bouncy balls, glow sticks, tattoos… cheap halloween trinkets will win kids over.  They won’t even notice you didn’t give them candy.
  5. Pre-packaged bags of apple slices
  6. Boxes of raisins
  7. Bag of pre-popped popcorn
  8. Granola bars
  9. Trail mix
  10. Nuts and seeds (nuts in their shells take some extra effort to shell and they look like more so you eat less 🙂 same for seeds)
  11. Dried fruit
  12. Homemade pumpkin muffin or “cookie” (look up recipes on our pinboard here)


Now, we’d love for you to scroll down to the comments section below and answer this Columbia’s Cooking Question:


What healthy treat will you serve on halloween?

Have any other ideas? Share them below.



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