“Better Breakfast Month”

Hello Everyone, Last month was “Better Breakfast Month,” which is definitely something that we advocate for here, and something that should be celebrated every month! We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why? The most well know reason to eat breakfast is because […]

Zucchini Oats

Watermelon Study Participants Week 9

Eating Clean at Tailgates 1 comment

Hello Everyone, There is a new voice behind the blog! My name is Jade and I am a senior exercise science major helping CHI and Columbia’s Cooking this semester. I love cooking and healthy eating, so I definitely feel like I’m in the right place. August really flew by and […]

Celebrating Spring with Carrots

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your week! I can’t believe its Thursday already! Did you know that April is Women’s’ Eye Health and Safety Month? According to Friends for Sight, two-thirds of blindness and other visual impairments worldwide occur in women. There are many reasons for this […]

Lets Go Bananas!

Hello Everyone, This week is that last week of National Nutrition Month! It feels like its really flown by. Throughout this month we have discussed how to “put your best fork forward” by making small changes to our meals to make them healthier. Today I wanted to celebrate by enjoying […]

Eating Right is Easy

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a wonderful week- March sure is flying by! Thankfully the warm weather has returned this week. March is National Nutrition month and we only have a few weeks left to celebrate! This week I wanted to talk about how to “put your […]

National Nutrition Month

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are braving this cold weather we’ve been having lately! Only one more cold day left and then we can get back to enjoying Spring! Its time to put your “best fork forward” because March is National Nutrition Month! During this month we are celebrating […]

Hoppin’ Johns (updated)

Hello Everyone,   Happy March! Boy! It feels like January and February sped right by! We are already into March and enjoying an early spring. This past Saturday there was a Women at Heart Conference held by Palmetto Health at the convention center. It had lots of heart healthy vendors and […]

Flu Season is here!

Flu Season is here!   Hello Everyone,   I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We certainly had some lovely spring like weather here in Columbia! I hope you all were able to get out and enjoy it. Well unfortunately it is flu season and it seems to […]

Happy News and Brussels Sprouts!

Hello everyone, I am finally happy to announce that Wyatt James Beresford made his arrival on Monday! Mom and baby are doing well! So personal story time, last year my boyfriend and I embarked on the “Whole 30 diet”- for those who aren’t familiar with the concept it is a […]