Camp Recap!

Camp Recap!


Last week we had our Future Chefs Summer Camp and it was a great success. We had 10 kids participate in the three day event and we made a bunch of different food while learning a lot about cooking and nutrition. The only unfortunate thing is I forgot to take pictures of the food we made. This to me is my biggest downfall as a blogger. Usually I do not think to take the pictures and by the time I do, the food has been eaten and no longer looks nearly as palatable as the original dish.

So for a quick recap of camp, the first day we had Casey demo her knife skills and all of the campers practiced on onions, garlic, and herbs. From there we used what we had chopped, diced, and minced to make sweet potato and black bean chili. We also worked on our measuring techniques and why they are so important in baking. We applied these techniques by making cornbread. Everyone got to enjoy the food and we have plenty of extra chopped onion now.

On the second day we talked about nutrition and why it’s important to eat various whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks. We had each camper measure out the sugar in various snacks and drinks that are in stores. I think everyone was shocked to see how much sugar is in snack food (especially the 20 oz Mountain Dew). We made our own granola which we used in a yogurt parfait, veggie egg muffins, pita pizzas, banana ice cream, and everyone got to customize their own popcorn with various toppings.

The last day we talked about the importance of family meals and cooking together. It was neat hearing everyone’s perspective on their favorite part of eating with their family. To go along with the discussion, we made a large family meal. It included homemade pasta, homemade marinara sauce, lentil meatballs, and a large Italian dressing salad. It was really neat to see this meal come together and it was so delicious! Last week we challenge you to make this recipe and I was wondering if anyone took that challenge? We also said that we were going to use white flour but we let our nutrition minds get the better of us and we used white whole wheat flour. The difference between this and whole wheat flour is the color of the wheat berry they mill to make it.

Because this was so much fun, next year I am hoping we can do many more camps for kids and teens of all ages.  Do you have kids, and if so what kind of classes do you think they would interested in? What times work well for kids during the school year? I would love to hear your feedback!


Have a great week!



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