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Hello and Happy New Year Everyone!


This is Jessica here with you all again. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, it flew right by for me. I guess it will spring before we know it! Over the holidays I took a bucket list trip to Thailand and Laos with three other friends. My friends are far more experienced than me when it comes to traveling around Southeast Asia and eating new foods; so I was feeling a little bit nervous before we left. I am what my mom calls a “picky eater” (I like to refer to myself as a “sensitive eater” but I digress) I don’t really like really spicy foods, and definitely do not like fish. These are both things commonly found on a Southeast Asian menu. However, once we got there I was pleasantly surprised. For the first few days I stuck to the safe foods like fried rice and stir fry but there’s only so many meals of rice and chicken that one can take! After about three days I decided to really try something that I normally wouldn’t. That was the meal that I accidentally ordered chicken nuggets but the meal after that I enjoyed a lovely green curry and from then on I was ready to be daring! The thing that I noticed the most while on my trip was that all the meals we enjoyed were homemade with the freshest of ingredients. They all had lots of vegetables (and ok, rice) and they all had a beautiful array of colors. These health, cheap and quick meals that we enjoyed gave us enough energy to walk from one end of Bangkok to another. A lot of the ingredients found in our Thai meals will be featured in our new class series which focuses on reducing inflammation (please check out this week’s newsletter for more information on that).

Fresh fruit and spices in the market

fresh fish and eels

a delicious carrot and mandarin orange salad.


Please check out our newsletter this week for a new class series that we are very excited to announce!

Hope you all have a great week,


Jessica and the Columbia’s Cooking Team


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