Haley circle

“I had never had leafy greens in my smoothie before.”

“I asked for less cheese and extra lettuce on my burrito bowls now.”   

“I made the black bean and corn dip (from class) for my roommates, and they ate all of it so I had to make more, it was so good!”  

– Hayley Hewat, Australian Exchange Student






Kate circle

”I made the oatmeal raisin cookies (from the CC recipe packet) and they were amazing! Learning how to make banana ice-cream — lifechanging.  The ‘treats vs daily desserts’ tip really resonated with me. Now I have gotten treats out of my house, and I can eat whole food “daily desserts” every day instead.”

– Kate Olscamp, Grad Student, age 27






Nate circle



“I ate a pear for the first time in my life in class and liked it.”

– Nate Wichmann, Sophomore, Biology Major




Kelsey Testimonial pic

“The banana ice-cream recipe was life-changing for me, I made it four nights in a row!  I tried dates for the first time in class too, and I really liked them!”

– Kelsey Farrell, Nursing Student, age 21






“I ate oatmeal made with almond milk and raisins three times since last class.”  “I learned the difference between processed and refined foods.”

– McKenna, Exercise Science Major