How to Achieve Optimal Health 1 comment

How to Achieve Optimal Health

This video on how to achieve optimal health outlines our course “Cooking for Optimal Health.” Here you’ll learn….

  1. Why you don’t have to eat organic to achieve great health.
  2. Why eating plant-based isn’t more expensive.  
  3. How to eat healthy in social situations.
  4. Why sanitizing your environment is vital to your success.

As always, when you’re done watching, answer today’s Columbia’s Cooking Question in the comments section below the video. Today’s Columbia’s Cooking Question is…..

What new information did you learn from this video?

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One thought on “How to Achieve Optimal Health

  • Bill

    This is similar to a class I attended at my church led by a retired physician. Same basic nutrition guidance. It is good, but requires a state-of-mind as to a life-long commitment on consumption. It can be done. My personal feeling is common sense…once it enters the house from the grocery…into the belly it goes…and onto the hips it settles. My compliments to a well done video.