Superbowl snacks, anyone? 2 comments

Superbowl snacks, anyone?

Did you know, Americans consume more calories during the Superbowl than we do on Thanksgiving? (Check out the article from the Washington post here) That’s alarming, right? And the thing is, most of us will make a conscious effort to avoid the extra snacking, but it’s just so hard when there’s a huge spread of snacks eyeing you for hours!

Well, over the next few weeks, we want to give you all the tools we can so that Superbowl Sunday isn’t “eat everything” day. And if you do snack (which we will be), why not make a few healthy dishes that you won’t feel bad about eating?

Up first, our super simple Black Bean and Corn Dip that is ALWAYS a hit. It takes 2 minutes to prepare and is delicious.  What’s not to love?  In todays’ video, I show you how to make the dip and share the recipe.   


Check it out below and then comment:


What Superbowl snack do you want to Columbia’s Cooking to “healthify” for you?

Let us know, and we’ll give our advice on next week’s blog!


Happy playoffs friends, may the odds be ever in your (team’s) favor…



How to make Black Bean and Corn Dip

Black Bean and Corn Dip

Serves: 8


1 can corn, rinsed and drained

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained,

1 jar of salsa, your favorite


  1. Combine rinsed black beans and corn, add salsa, and serve!





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