Time for comfort food…

Time for comfort food…

With the fall and winter months setting in, aren’t we all craving some comfort food?

“Comfort Food” can mean different things to every one of us, but usually this reminds us of hearty, warm, satisfying dishes– dishes that usually are high in fat, that are cheesy, cooked with added oils and meat. But comforting dishes don’t have to be made that way.

Today, The State released an article about CC discussing how to turn addicting comfort foods into healthy plant-based comfort foods (yes this exists). You can read the article here.



For example, Trish shared with The State how she craved grilled cheese and tomato soup this fall as it reminded her of home.  However, she’s ended her addiction to fatty cheeses and other addicting foods.  What was she to do?

Instead of using cheese, Trish blended together cashews with nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic powder and slight amount of veggie broth and presto!  She had a thick, healthy and cheesy sauce that she spread on her 100% whole-grain Ezekiel bread then placed on a hot plate for 2 minutes and then flipped.  Her husband was quite impressed with how good it tasted 🙂  They dipped their sandwiches into tomato soup that used almond milk instead of cow’s milk.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to turn comfort foods into delicious plant-based comfort foods, we have two upcoming options for you:

  1. “How to Cook a Plant-Based Thanksgiving Meal” class on Thursday, Nov. 12th.  7 seats left. More info here.
  1. “Cooking for Optimal Health” 12 week series.  Starts January 27th.  Only 25 seats available.


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Columbia’s Cooking Question

What’s your favorite comfort food?  How can you “healthify” this recipe using whole plant foods?


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