We’d love to hear from you! 18 comments

We’d love to hear from you!

How would you like to have your dream classes become a reality? Have you…been dying to learn how to make Mediterranean food? Homemade pasta, Indian dishes, or even just be able to cook something? We want you to know that we are here for you. YOU are who we’re catering to at Columbia’s Cooking.

So today, we have two questions for you, and we’d love for you to answer in the comments section below.

  1. What is your dream class– a cuisine you’d like to learn to make, a course series, a specific topic you want to learn more about, etc.? Anything goes here, the more creative the better 🙂
  2. When would you be most willing to take a cooking class? (Morning, evening, around the holidays, in the springtime, summer, etc.)


Your answers to these questions are so important. Knowing this, we can better meet your needs and host classes you’re interested in attending.
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Scroll down to the comments section below to give us your feedback. You can also email your thoughts to colacook@mailbox.sc.edu.

To your health,

The Columbia’s Cooking Team


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18 thoughts on “We’d love to hear from you!

  • Pam Kirkland

    I have trouble using spices/herbs as healthy seasoning alternatives when cooking vegetables and poultry/fish. I am more interested in evening classes.

  • Kathleen

    See would love to see some fusion. I am a little tired of the FOK cookbook Mexican /Oriental slant. Food prep is a chore with all of the chopping and peeling required for a whole foods diet, maybe some hints to help with that. Also please try to make the classes affordable. Evenings for me, I work all day.

  • Tina Eib

    Nobody is teaching BEGINNING cooking classes! So many friends do not have a CLUE as to what do do from scratch! Although I am a long=time cook and have a lot of training, I am not prepared to teach…who is ?? Another opportunity is teach the skills of using cooking equipment to assist in cooking i.e,, food processors, iron skillets, chefs knives, slicing equipment, mixers, etc. etc. Most of these things sit unused because folks dont really know how to use them properly. Don’t teach so many fancy food classes, just please teach people how to basically cook and use equipment. MUCH MUCH NEEDED.

  • anonymous

    Hi. Here’s what I need. Cooking classes for vegetarians who eat dairy, but little starch and no sugar. I am a woman with diabetes and I would foods that I can eat a lot of without killing my sugar levels. I love cilantro but need to learn how to keep that and things like parsley fresh. I buy them and by the time I cook them they are rotten and have to be thrown out. I do not eat pasta, or white potatoes. I do eat legumes, eggs and tofu. I get into food ruts and then get bored out of my gourd. I will never stop trying to stay healthy figure out this food thing. Need help please. Thank – you ahead of time for asking and for your patience and kindness.

  • Belinda

    Indian recipes would be fabulous! I’d also be interested in learning basic sauces to liven up steamed veggies or go over pasta. Weekend afternoons would be the best class time for me. If that’s not possible, early evening (like 6-8pm) would be best for me. Any chance you could have a family friendly class, perhaps engage the kids in the prep work?

  • Linda Connelly

    I would like classes on plant based cooking. I had to drop out of the big course you had because of medical issues at the time. Actually any healthy cooking classes would interest me. I hope the cost of a class would be $25 – $40 each. I can attend day or evening but would prefer day classes. Thanks for letting me comment.

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  • Alveria

    I want to learn how to cook anything you teach, however I love 3 hours from Colombia. Can you put your classes on DVD for those of us in SC who is trying to learn and do better?

  • rebecca mccune

    1. I would love a class in Chinese cooking, and some classes in how to make delicious vegetables!

    2. best class times for me are early evening, weekends, or Thursday afternoons.

  • Susan

    I am flexible as to class day and time. Night classes are nice because my husband could come. I am interested in making my meals flavor – so how to use herbs and spices and combine them for tasty flavor. Different ethnic classes would be good – and the flavorings going with those cuisines. Pasta cooking – seems so simple but can be difficult to get it just right.