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Hey there!

Welcome to our website! This is the best place to be to learn about what we’re doing at Columbia’s Cooking (CC), get to know our staff, see what courses we have coming up, and get free resources like recipes, cooking tips, and information about a whole food, plant-based diet. We’re glad you’re here 🙂

This is our blog- the place to find recipes we’ve created, articles we’re reading, and any other information we think you need to know. Here, you have two categories of information to peruse: “Eat” and “Learn.”

“Eat” will have our tasty recipes, cooking tips, knife skills, techniques to try, etc. – all things cooking and food prep. The “Learn” section is where we’ll share studies (or our summary of them, references included), helpful information about whole food, plant-based (WFPB), and any other evidence/scientific information we think we need to share.

For recipes, standard procedures go like this: we test and retest recipes to share with you, take pictures of our preparation process so you know exactly how to replicate our recipe (first recipes excepted, we’re starting this NOW with our shiny new camera), and post them on here complete with step-by-step instructions; we know trying new recipes can get confusing, so we want to avoid that by being as clear as possible so your recipe comes out just like ours!

Here’s where you come in: We sincerely hope you try (and love) these recipes and read and learn from our posts! If you try out a recipe, let us know. What did you like about it? Were there any questions you had about the recipe? Suggestions for improvement? And if you liked an article or had questions, want more information- we want to hear it all. Come on back to the comments section to share your feedback!

You’ll learn this about us: We love talking with you! The more we hear from you, the better.

All that being said, join us and follow along on the blog as we ‘make healthy taste delicious!’

Columbia’s Cooking Question

What free info do you want to see on our website? 

Any other insights? Let us know in the comments section below.



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