Why It’s Important to Cook With Your Kids

Why It’s Important to Cook With Your Kids

Do you remember, as a kid, wanting to be right in the middle of things in the kitchen? Wanting to help stir something in a mixing bowl or cut out cookies using cool shapes? That was me. I wanted to do everything! Feel like I was helping, ya know?

Now that I’ve gotten older, I see that maybe I was a special case. I LOVE to cook, and I’ll eat  anything you put in front of me– the more fruits and vegetables, the better!

I attribute my eating habits and love for cooking to my upbringing. I learned to cook from my mom (an amazing cook!) who was always cooking something and would let me sit and watch or help whenever I wanted. She also served us a wide variety of foods – vegetables, fruits, meat dishes, potatoes, soups, grains, desserts, etc.—and now my brothers and I eat most everything!

Growing up, I guess I didn’t notice anyone around me being a picky eater, but now that I’m older and teaching cooking classes I realize how many of us are scared of trying new foods, or just won’t because we think we won’t like it. Now, I’m not hating on being picky nor am I blaming anyone for anybody’s food choices. Who knows all the things that influence our decisions about what we eat!

I am, though, an advocate for getting kids in the kitchen at an early age, putting healthy foods in front of them, and showing them all of the amazing things you can create and enjoy eating! Most of the time we don’t like things we’re unfamiliar with, but if that lasts a lifetime, I’d really hate for anyone to miss out on roasted caramelized carrots, or raw corn off the cob (so sweet!), I could keep going.

All this to say, there are so many reasons to get your kids in the kitchen! Besides the ones I’ve just mentioned, here are a few thoughts about why we love cooking with kiddos…

  1. Get to spend quality time with your kids. Most of us don’t get to spend a whole entire day with our children on the regular. So, getting home to have to cook dinner can seem like a task for you only. Why not include the kids, let them see how you make dinner and spend that time together?
  2. Teaching kids useful skills. Even if they’re too young to really be “of help,” these experiences will help them feel comfortable in the kitchen and be more inclined to cook for themselves later in life. Confidence in the kitchen is so important for a home cook!
  3. When kids get to cook, they’re much more likely to eat the food they made—aka let them make a vegetable dish, they’ll probably at least try it!
  4. Time away from screens. In today’s world, much of what we do involves computer screens, phones, TV’s, etc. There’s something about being able to take all kinds of ingredients and create something with your hands that your family can enjoy around a table, no TV necessary 🙂

With our Future Chefs Cooking Camp and Mommy and Me class coming up, we wanted to let you know why we think its so important to get kids in the kitchen. We hope that these reasons (and many others) will inspire you to get cooking with your kiddos! We’d love to have you join us in our kitchen, too.


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